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I've never met a problem a dessert couldn't fix...

Cake, Ice cream, chocolate, candy...need we say more. At Memorare Caterers we have partnered with one of the best local bakeries to bring you the most delectable delights you could image. All parties come with a standard wedding or party cake, but we also have an additional dessert menu that is worth every penny. Take a look at the menu below, and ask our banquet mangers how to add these delicious desserts to your event. Your guests will thank you. 


Priced per person


Cordial Table

Including International and Espresso Coffees


Deluxe Viennese Table

Assorted deluxe desserts and Cordial Table


Ice Cream Bar

Choice your own sundae, M&M’s, assorted candy toppings & whipped cream


Chocolate Fountain with Assorted Dippings


Tray of Italian Cookies or Pastries per table


Optional recommendations from the client are always taken in to account

You will be amazed by our formal sit down dinner menus perfect for your wedding or next formal affair. 

For a slightly more casual setting our buffet dinner is the perfect way to let your guests indulge in delicious food without loosing any time on the dance floor

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