Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to your affair at Memorare Caterers, Inc.  upon your signature and the signature of the Banquet Manager on the physical contract. Memorare Caterers, Inc.  shall not be responsible for failure of them to perform their part of this agreement on the date contracted for due to national emergency, strikes, acts of God, prohibition by government authorities and its liability for nonperformance by reason whatsoever shall be limited to the return of the deposit(s) herein mentioned on the physical contract.


Notwithstanding anything herein stated even to the contrary, any agreement for cancelation must be in writing signed by both parties. Memorare Caterers, Inc.  shall have the right to make substitutions in the menu for any items which shall not be reasonable and readily obtainable in the open market.


The patron agrees that his or her guests be governed and will comply with the rules and regulations adopted by Memorare Caterers, Inc.  and shall be fully responsible for their guests. The attendance count must be given two weeks prior to the date of the affair. This number will be considered a guarantee, not subject to reductions and the charges for the affair on additions will be made accordingly.


Deposits must be submitted for all affairs as follows: Upon signing of the contract $750.00; within sixty days thereafter an additional $750.00 is due. Balance of contract must be paid two weeks prior to the date of the affair (certified check, bank check, credit, or cash).

While we will do all in our power to serve the menus, we cannot be responsible should our compliance by made impossible by conditions beyond our control.


Refund Policy

The contract is not transferable by patron without the written consent of Memorare Caterers, Inc. If the contract is cancelled by patron, the deposit(s) paid hereunder is (are) refundable only if Memorare Caterers, Inc. is able to rebook the cancelled date. If the affair is cancelled within three weeks prior to the date of the affair, an additional 25% of the total contract is required. If patron wishes to change the date of the affair after 30 days from the date of the contract signing, an additional fee of $500.00 will be imposed for that date change. That additional fee shall be due payable immediately.